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Daily Invitations to a Writer's Life

plunk down and don't get up 'til you've done something

Making Room to Write
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This community will feature writing exercises originally based on the principles of Room to Write by Bonni Goldberg, and now up to the whims of the moderators.

Her 'fundamental rules' as listed in her book are great advice:

1. The most important action you can take is to show up on the page
2. The more you can give up control over what you write, the more genuine your writing will be.
3. Making room in your life to write generates even more room for your writing.
4. The only true obstacle to writing creatively is a lack of faith that appears as fear and self-judgment.

--introduction to Room to Write (c) 1996 by Bonni Goldberg

The beautiful background image in the layout used with permission from Helyn Davenport, creator and maintainer of PixiPort Fine Art Photography Gallery (check out her gallery if you get a moment, it's lovely). This image is copyrighted and not for reprint without permission of the artist.

Customization is in progress.